crawling rotavator

Crawling Rotavator

In South East Asia countries, most paddy are cultivated in swampy lands. Use of water buffalos walking 2-wheel tractors, as well as riding 4-wheel tractors have had various constraints. Problem has become worse in countries where increasing paddy production is the target. All farming activities must be accelerated to catch up with the season. Crawling rotavator has been developed to solve the problem for Thai farmers. It has been proven to be a promising machine for accelerated land preparation in swampy paddy fields with the following advantages:-

1- Excellent for intensive swampy lands paddy cultivation

2- Able to work in recent harvested field with stubble and chopped semi-burnt straws

3- Superb performance with a capacity of about 2 acres per hour and diesel fuel consumption of about 15 litres

(performance tested in 2 acres plot size with flooded water level of about 5-10 cm. and stubble with chopped straws; cultivating depth of 10 cm.)

4- Intermediate technology with full ease of operation and maintenance


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