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grain dryer systems by Kasetphattana

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High drying efficiency. Ability to dry different types of grain (i.e. rice paddy, corn, soybean, etc..). The dried grains are clean with preserved nutrient quality. Low operating cost. Simplification in operaion and maintenance.

Kaset Phattana's grain dryers have been designed to perform at high efficiency and productivity. The dryers are able to dry different types of grains effectively and productively. The moisture shrinking of the grains are very well controlled due to the use of the mixed air flow method. Because of the indirect heating system, the dried grains will be very clean as there are zero contact between the grains and the fire smoke.


High efficiency drying system



We engineer our grain dryers to have a very well controlled moisture shrinking and temperature decrease as well as the most suitable air flow relative to the rate of grain flow within the drying chamber.This is made possible by the opposing flow between the hot air and the grains. The grains within the drying chamber will relase moisture content uniformly.This results in a well controlled drying time and high quality dried grains.



 Effective heat generating unit

Clean air system

Effective Heat Generating Unit 1


Through the use of an indirect heating burner system, the air is forced to flow pass the hot pipes that carry the heat from the burner. The heated air is then used to dry the grains within the drying chamber. This means that the heated air carries zero smoke and dust to the grains. The grains are therefore 100% clean.



Advantage of Kasetphattana's burner




Our burner unit consists of a heat resistance brick furnace and a heat exchanger chamber. Rice husk or corn cob is used as energy source. The burner heating temperature iseasily controlled through the quantity of fuel fed to the burner. The burner is equipped with a smoke confining set. Therefore ashes from burner will not spread to neighboring areas.


Grain flow control with protective control system


 Grain Flow Control


The grain input output control system is switched on-off automatically to allow for a uniform grain flow and prevent overloading within the drying chamber.



 Environmental Friendly Dryer


Environmental Friendly 1Environmental Friendly 2Environmental Friendly 3


Hot air is sucked into and blown off from the drying chamber by multiple axial flow aspirators equipped with a dust detecting and collecting set. The exhaust air from the drying chamber will therefore carry minimum dirt to the environment



Electrical control system


Electrical Control System 1Electrical Control System 2


Our grain dryers are equipped with automatic electrical control and protection system that breaks the circuit automatically should an electrical failure occurs within the drying system. An automatic control system makes possible for only 1-2 workers to operate the entire drying system.



Parts production

Manufacturing 1Manufacturing 2

Manufacturing 3Manufacturing 4Manufacturing 5Manufacturing 6


Parts production for our dryers are carried out by advanced computerized machines. For example, our sheet metal cutting is done by a computerized laser cutter programmed automatically by a team of professionals. We also use computerized machines to fold each work piece. The results are minimal error tolerance, durability, and high standard parts. Because of our high standard parts production, all our grain dryers have very long service life. 







Kasetphattana grain dryers have been accepted and installed in many regions across the country.




Models and Specifications




Different models of Kasetphattana mixed flow grain dryers are offered to suit the needs of various scale of investment. While the larger models of Kasetphattana grain dryers are more efficient in term of economic of scale, it has been proven that the smaller models can generate genuinly handsome returns for future business expansion.




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